Dr. Abderrazak JEMAI received an Engineer degree from the University of Tunis (ENSI), Tunisia in 1988 and the DEA and Doctor degrees from the University of Grenoble (ENSIMAG-INPG), France, in 1989 and 1992, respectively, and he received his Habilitation Degree in 2012, all in computer science. From 1989 to 1992 he prepared his thesis on simulation of RISC processors and parallel architectures. Since 1993, his interests are focused on high level synthesis and simulation at behavioral and system levels within AMICAL and COSMOS at TIMA Laboratory in Grenoble.

 Dr Jemai became an assistant professor at the ENSI University in Tunis in 1993 and a Maitre- Assistant Professor at the INSAT University in Tunis from 1994 to 2013. Since 2013, he became an associate professor in ICT at INSAT University. From 2014 to August 2015, Abderrazak JEMAI became the General Director of the National Center of Informatics in Tunisia (CNI) dealing with government applications and related access services and security (eGov, Intranet, etc.).


Dr. Amel Borgi, MCF-HDR l'Institut Suprieur d'Informa- tique, Universit de Tunis El Manar.

Elle a obtenu sa thse en Informatique de l'Universit de Paris VI en 1999, et son Habilitation Universitaire de l'Universit de Carthage en 2012. Ses travaux portent sur l'extraction de connaissances partir de donnes, plus prcisment l'apprentissage supervis, et sur la reprsentation et le traitement des connaissances imparfaites (logique floue et multi-valente). Ces activits de recherche ont lieu au sein du laboratoire LIPAH, Universit Tunis El Manar.


Manel Harrathi, Enterprise Strategic Director at FIS: Experienced internaonal professional In Financial and Information Technology services, Busness Intelligence, Strategy and digital transformation.
I have played several roles in Multinational companies and have lead business intelligence projects to empower decision making and drive growth. I started my career with SAP Italy, then worked for the African development Bank in Tunisia and a Hedge Fund in New York, Perella Weinberg Partners. I have a Bachelor degree from Ecole Superieure de Commerce Tunisia ,

a Master Degree from the University of Pavia, Italy and an Executive Education, MBA Level certification from the Wharton Business school, University of Pennsylvania, USA. Im also a Mentor in several programs for youth empowerment.

Jerbi Marwa, Business Intelligence Associate at FIS: I have a master degree in finance from IHEC Carthage and now I am finishing my final year of PHD in finance in the same university. I have been working with FIS (previously SunGard) for three years now as a Business Intelligence Associate. I mainly work on providing valuable market, customer and competitive insights to tailor products and marketing effort around customer needs and to help minimize the risk of loss and maximize opportunities of gain in strategic investment decisions